11.11 sale (November 11th) on Joom – full details!
11.11 sale (November 11th) on Joom – full details!

In 2013, the world-famous Alibaba trading platform first offered huge discounts on Singles’ Day. Since then, Chinese sellers continue to maintain this tradition. Joom online store, whose popularity is growing day by day, is no exception. The grand sale on Joom in November was one of the hottest topics for discussion among the global community. Many people became users of the application during this period. According to statistics, 2.5 thousand people installed the program on their mobile phone every minute.

What is so interesting about the 11.11 sale on Joom? To answer this question, you need to better understand the policies of the online store.

  • This sale involves all categories of goods. Many buyers make a sample wish list in advance to buy all they need in November.
  • Discounts can reach up to 90 percent, and we’re talking not only about little buys. In 2018, smart watches, the cost of which dropped significantly, became a sellout hit of the 11.11 sale.
  • The coupons that can be obtained from the seller, as well as other bonuses, are valid during the campaign. This further reduces the cost of goods that can be purchased through the application or on the official website.

Please keep in mind that Chinese trading platforms are competing with each other. Every year several giants enter the race to attract customers: AliExpress, Alibaba, and Joom offering more than 5 million currently important goods. Widely advertised huge discounts allow people to buy the desired products for the New Year holidays. The 24-hour global sale is attractive because of its short duration. While the goods cannot be sent from stock for about two weeks during the Chinese New Year holidays, during the 11.11 sale the online store works as usual, so your package will arrive on time.

Global sale on Joom on November 11th: what’s new?

Internet users are actively discussing whether such great discounts are real. In fact, not all sellers participating in the campaign are willing to sell their goods at the lowest price.

  • Many Chinese suppliers raise prices before sale, and then they indicate a new discounted price.
  • About a quarter of goods are cheaper, but the discount does not exceed 10 percent. This applies primarily to gadgets and other popular mobile devices. But mobile accessories (for example, headphones) can really be bought for a song.
  • Competition for buyers among sellers gives an excellent opportunity to purchase a similar product using a coupon. But to do this, you need to spend a lot of time studying the range of goods and comparing prices.

Many of you have probably heard of joint purchases or cashback in online stores, especially on November 11, when the annual sale is held on Joom. The Chinese e-commerce platform offers its equally advantageous conditions:

  1. The biggest discounts in 7 categories with women’s and men’s clothing, household goods, beauty and health products, jewelry, watches, and electronics.
  2. All goods are available! This means that you can safely choose the most popular products and be sure that you will receive your package.
  3. Unprecedented discounts on Joom within 24 hours.

In 2018, there was not a single case when the item wasn’t in stock, even taking into account the fact that everyone was excited about the campaign. The global 11.11 sale on Joom is an opportunity to buy more cheap and high-quality goods.

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