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How do packages arrive from Joom?

Many new users who order goods in the Chinese online hypermarket for the first time need to know in advance how packages arrive from Joom. The question is not only about delivery methods, but also delivery terms and possible difficulties with placing an order.

Start purchasing low-cost goods with the installation of the mobile application on your smartphone, tablet or iPhone. Next, you need to carry out the procedure of simple and fast registration, which allows you to specify the product group you are interested in, add your card or Qiwi wallet to pay for orders, and specify your delivery address. Joom online store works in many countries of the world and delivers packages through Europe and Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine absolutely free.

How fast do packages arrive from Joom: order tracking?

The Chinese seller offers its customers full information about its products. You can view several photos, read description in many languages ​​and make a choice using a convenient filter. In addition, delivery method (delivery is free) and terms are indicated at the bottom of the product card. On average, the delivery terms are 14-30 days, but you need to take the following details into account when ordering:

  • The package does not always arrive from Joom as quickly as mentioned in the online store. There may be several reasons for this: 1) the seller is given 3 days to send the package, and he may be forming one big order; 2) the goods may not be in stock at the moment; 3) unforeseen problems may arise at customs or there may be some difficulties with the transport company.
  • The maximum delivery time is specified in the conditions of cooperation with the store. It is a maximum of 75 days. If the buyer does not put a tick against “Received goods” upon the expiry of this period, the money will automatically be refunded to the card.
  • If notifications are enabled, the application user can receive messages about the location of the package and its status change, which will indicate the approximate terms for the package to come. You can also track your package using the order number and see where it is at the moment.

After the ordered product crosses the border of China, you can expect its delivery to the post office. The buyer will receive a notification with the package number, which must be presented at the post office along with the identity document. In some cases, very small parcels come to your mailbox similar to letters, as evidenced by the reviews of regular customers of Joom online store.

How does the package arrive from Joom and is it possible to return it?

The hypermarket buyers have the opportunity to return the defective product under the following conditions:

  • The product does not correspond with the description or photo.
  • Wrong size or color.
  • Defect or mechanical damage.

To avoid such problems, it is better to buy products from trusted sellers with positive feedback. In all these situations, you need to take photos and submit a claim to technical support, which will decide on the issue of replacement and refund. Now you know how do packages arrive from Joom! It’s great!

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