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How to cancel an order on Joom?

Every day Joom online store expands its range of the most interesting and cheap goods. Sometimes it may happen that you have already added the item to the cart, but later you have found exactly the same product at a more reasonable price or simply changed your mind about making a purchase. To solve this problem, you need to clarify how to cancel an order on Joom. Regular customers are familiar with the functionality of the application and know that this operation will take less than a minute, but you will have to follow some important rules.

How to cancel an order on Joom before you have paid?

After choosing a product from the catalog, each buyer can make a purchase in two ways: by clicking “Buy Now” or adding the item to cart. In the first case, the payment window immediately opens. Here you need to enter your personal data, delivery address and payment card or e-wallet data. You won’t be able to cancel your order, so please be careful with promotional goods.

If you add the product to the cart, a number of actions are allowed:

  • You can change the quantity (1pc by default).
  • Remove all items from your shopping cart.
  • Remove one or more items from the list.

How to cancel an order on Joom if it is already on the list? To do this, you will be required to perform a number of actions:

  • Go to “Cart”.
  • Select the desired item and tick it.
  • Tick “Delete order” at the bottom of the page.
  • After you refresh the page, this product won’t be on the list.

You can perform similar actions before you enter your delivery and payment data and transfer money from the card.

How to cancel a paid order on Joom?

If you have already paid for the product, but then decided not to purchase it, you can cancel your order using the following tips:

  • Log in to your profile and select “My Orders” section.
  • Click on the product you are interested in.
  • Select “Order Information” tab.
  • Tick “Cancel Order”.

It should be noted that there is a time limit for this function – 8 hours from the moment of payment. If the time isn’t up, you will be able to get a full refund to your card.

Canceling a paid order – how to contact a seller and make a request to cancel

If more than 8 hours have passed after placing an order, it is impossible to cancel it using the methods described above. The official website provides tips for those who would like to solve this problem, but don’t know how to cancel an order on Joom in this situation. To do this, you need to contact the seller. It is also important to understand that if you cancel the order you will not receive bonus points, the use of which we told in the article how to spend reward points on Joom.

Joom doesn’t provide such function for its users, so you need to contact technical support (for example, through the online chat) and indicate the convincing reasons for canceling this order and getting a refund. The staff of the online store will make a request, contact the Chinese seller and notify you of the results of negotiations. This method will work only if your order hasn’t been shipped yet.

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