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How to contact a seller on Joom?

Many users of the Chinese online store Joom often have a question: how to contact a seller on Joom if it is necessary? This situation may arise in several cases: if the description of the product is not sufficiently accurate and you have some questions, if it is necessary to provide more information about the size you need and on the issues of shipping, tracking, and refund for the goods. Let’s consider each of these options to make it easier for new users of the application to solve their problems.

How to leave a message to a Chinese seller if you want to clarify the details regarding the product?

In this and in other cases, the mobile application doesn’t allow you to contact the seller directly. If you don’t find certain parameters in the sizing chart when ordering goods or you want to report your size in order to buy a product that would fit you well, you will need to contact technical support. Write a letter with a link to the desired product and your questions, after which the administration will contact the seller and tell you his answer.

How to find out the sending date of the product from a seller if the package cannot be tracked with its tracking number

This situation is quite common. You can go to chat, and they will tell you the most likely reason which may be:

  • The delay in sending the goods due to its lack in stock.
  • Assigning a virtual track number to the package that reduces the cost of delivery, but doesn’t allow tracking.
  • Problems with customs clearance or other documentation.

The administration doesn’t have the ability to intervene in the delivery of the package, so you will receive a standard response to the question of how to write a message to a seller on Joom. You will be advised to wait for the delivery deadline (75 days) and tick the box “Did not receive goods” in case of loss of your product. After you send a report, you will be refunded within 14 days.

Where to write if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product received or the package has arrived damaged?

Sometimes small and fragile goods are delivered to the buyer with mechanical damage or obvious inconsistence with the description and photo. In this case, a controversial situation, requiring replacement or reimbursement of costs, may arise. To clarify the issue and open a dispute, you will need to contact the administration. Please contact technical support, where they will tell you how to write a message to a seller in Joom application. You can do this not only in English, but also in any other language, by clicking the link or on the customer’s personal page. The response will be received no later than 3 days, about which you will be informed by an automatic mobile phone notification.

You can get answers to the most common questions in chat that works 24 hours a day, as well as in the official VK, Facebook – or Odnoklassniki communities The technical support will help you solve the problem in your favor and will respond to the letter in your native language.

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