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How to delete received orders on Joom?

A huge selection of cheap goods from Joom online store allows you to make purchases for the whole family. If you have mistakenly added the product to the cart, paid for it, and later changed your mind about buying it, you need to know how to delete received orders on Joom?. The application provides such an opportunity in a limited period of time – no later than 8 hours after ordering and before the product acquires the status “sent”.

The second common situation related to shopping on Joom is the desire to delete those orders that have already been received from “My Orders” section. This will help you organize the data of your account if you make a lot of purchases. New users of the popular mobile application can use step-by-step instructions or contact the 24-hour technical support in case of problems.

How to delete received (already completed) orders on Joom before they are sent?

This is about goods that have already been paid for, but have not yet been sent to the buyer. If, for example, you have found a cheaper or more original product, you can delete this or that item from the list:

  • Log in to your Joom account.
  • Go to “My Orders” tab.
  • Decide which purchase you want to refuse.
  • In “Product Information” section, put a tick against the most recent “Cancel Order” item.

If you do this in due time, you will get a credit card refund. If more than 8 hours have passed, cancellation is only possible with the mediation of technical support and with a good reason for refusal.

How to delete received goods from the list on Joom?

In order to clear the list of goods that you have already received, use the convenient and simple application settings. After you enter the order section, you should:

  • View the list of products that will include the “Completed” ones. It will also include the “Sent”, “Awaiting shipment” and “Waiting for feedback” products.
  • Select the desired ones and tick “Delete”.

If you have a question how to delete received orders on Joom, use step-by-step instructions, but be careful when performing the operation. In some cases, an incorrect status may be indicated opposite the product. This will not affect the delivery to the address, but the deleted order may prevent refund if the package does not arrive within 75 days. If you have accidentally deleted the product, please contact technical support and describe your problem. This can be done in any language at any convenient time.

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