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How to fill in your delivery address on Joom?

The catalog of goods from Joom online store impresses with its huge selection of interesting items and affordable prices. The delivery of products is absolutely free to all countries of the world. If you have already made online purchases from Asian e-commerce platforms, the process of registration on Joom will be easy for you. New users sometimes find it difficult and ask a question: how to fill in the delivery address on Joom? First of all, it should be clarified that this can be done immediately after installing the application or during the ordering process. Let’s consider both options.

Authorization and provision of the delivery address to receive packages from Joom

After you first log in to the app and choose the registration method (social networks, Google account), you will automatically go to your personal profile. After specifying the information about yourself, your phone number, email address for feedback, you will need to fill in the following questionnaire items:

  • Country and region of residence.
  • City or other locality.
  • Index (required!).
  • Name of the street, house number, apartment number.

Many people ask: how to fill in the delivery address on Joom if you don’t live where you are registered? The app allows you to do this at your discretion and does not require the indication of the exact registration address and other passport data. You can choose the post office located next to your office if you find it more convenient to receive your packages there.

Tips for Joom users: how to fill in the delivery address during the ordering process

New users who are attracted by the large selection and incredibly rich assortment of the store often do not complete their registration and immediately go to the catalog after authorization. In this case, all the necessary data can be filled in at the time of purchase:

  • Add the item you like to the cart or select the function “Buy Now” for promotional products. In the first case, you can make changes (quantity, size) or completely remove the product, in the second case – buy at a specified time.
  • In “My Orders” section, fill in all the necessary items, including the delivery address.
  • If you have already indicated it in your profile, you only need to confirm your data. Otherwise, select the item “Delivery Address” and carefully fill in all the lines according to the above sample.
  • After entering your data, click “Confirm” and then “Save”. You don’t need to wait for the SMS with the confirmation code.

Some users from CIS countries ask: how to fill in the delivery address on Joom, in what language? This should be done in Russian, not in Latin letters or in English. Thus, payment will be made in national currency and all the prices on the official website will also be indicated in it. If you make a mistake, you can edit your data in the following way: go to your personal profile and then to “My Addresses” section. Here you can add another address, but in the same region. When purchasing, you will be offered to select the desired option for delivery.

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  1. I am trying to complete my payment for my order, but when I get to thePaypal section I am at a standstill, it will not complete the payment.

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