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How to get a package from Joom?

Making purchases on Joom using a mobile device is rightfully considered to be one of the most popular ways of online shopping. It is not only very simple and inexpensive, but also profitable – each customer receives bonuses that Ebay or AliExpress cannot provide. First of all, it is free shipping of absolutely all goods. This service allows you to place any number of orders, without concern about them being collected into one package to reduce costs.

Secondly, and this is also very important, the delivery is carried out under the direct control of the administration and does not require daily tracking. Thirdly, the website provides constant communication with technical support for those who don’t know how to get a package from Joom. You can also read brief instructions for customers who are going to place their first order on Joom. Also you can always find out how to contact a seller on Joom in one of the articles of our site.

  1. After you send the product to the cart and check all the data, click “Buy”. The purchase payment will be charged from the card linked to the application. In order to make changes or cancel an order, the buyer has 8 hours available. After that the data is sent to the seller.
  2. The seller’s responsibility is to pack the goods, select a transport company and provide a tracking number to track the package. In some cases, this number may be “virtual”, which does not affect the delivery of goods, but reduces the cost of shipping.
  3. You can receive your package at the post office using the data that is reported to the buyer automatically. As soon as you receive a message about the delivery and your personal tracking number, you can contact the post office. Also, the postman will bring a notification to the recipient address. To pick up the parcel, you can use this document, and be sure to take your passport.

It should be noted that goods ordered on the same day and even from one seller are delivered in small packages independently of each other. According to the rules of the website, the delivery time cannot exceed 75 days, but most often it takes from two weeks to one month.

How to get packages from Joom at the post office: pros and cons?

The advantages of working with the application include insurance of goods that are sent throughout Europe, Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. The buyer doesn’t need to monitor the location of the package daily because when it arrives at the post office, a notification is sure to come. If a tick against “Received” in “My Orders” section is not put after 75 days, the rule that a refund is issued applies.

The money is fully refunded to the card, often not within a day but within two weeks. This may be considered a disadvantage in case of major purchases or buying expensive goods. By the way, cases of missing packages from Joom are rare and in 100 percent of incidents the administration decides the question in favor of the buyer.

If you have typical, frequently asked questions about the receipt of goods, the answers to them can be found in the technical support section. There is also a chat and online support, which can be accessed around the clock to solve problems and disputes.

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