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How to open a dispute on Joom?

You haven’t received your product and want to dispute your order, but don’t know how to open a dispute on Joom? Follow us, we will show you how to do it correctly and quickly.

In case the product ordered on Joom differs from the description in its quality or appearance, you can get a credit card refund. New users of the mobile application often ask: how to open a dispute on Joom? Responding to this question, it should be clarified that unlike AliExpress and other Asian hypermarkets, there is no direct connection between the buyer and seller on Joom. Accordingly, you will not be able to send a letter of complaint to the Chinese seller without the mediation of the support service. The online store offers its customers a simpler alternative than opening a dispute. Read below how to act to refund the money for defective goods or a missing package.

How to open a dispute on Joom if you haven’t received your product?

The seller has a maximum of 75 days to deliver the package from the moment it is sent. If the specified period of time has already passed, you can go to “My Orders” section and follow these steps:

  • Select the desired purchase.
  • There will be 2 buttons “Received goods”, “Did not receive goods” at the bottom of the window. Click on the second one.
  • Wait for the automatic refund to your account. The transfer time does not exceed 14 days.

You will be informed about the receipt of funds by a mobile phone notification. In this case, the question about how to open a dispute on Joom is unnecessary. The online store makes a decision without the participation of the buyer. Can they refuse to refund? They can if you do not put a tick against non-receipt of the package within 30 days after the delivery deadline. The rules specified must be strictly observed.

How to refund money for defective goods?

It may happen that the seller gets the size or color of the product wrong, sends the defective or non-working goods. In this case, it should be clarified how to open a dispute on Joom.

  • Go to “My Orders” tab.
  • Choose the product you need.
  • Click on “Support” button.
  • Enter your email and name in the window that opens.
  • Briefly describe your problem.
  • Be sure to attach proof – photo or video.

The support employee will contact you and discuss the problem. Be prepared for the fact that you are required to additional evidence of the unfitness of the product. On its basis, the decision on the full or partial credit card refund will be made.

When you cannot win a dispute on Joom? If the existing defect cannot be seen on the photo, the money will not be refunded. The money is not refunded for the goods which outwardly correspond to the seller’s description on the website.

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  1. Got no satisfaction re broken smartwatch
    35 msgs only mostly generated replies
    no personal contact
    all similar

  2. They advertised for a chain saw with a picture of the product. On arrival I noted that they only send me the chain. On complaining they said that in the text it say chain only. So they don’t want me to return the product or have refund. Lost £26 due to their deception. Don’t know who to complain to.

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