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How to pay on Joom?

To buy any product in one of the largest Chinese hypermarkets, you need to know how to place an order and how to pay for your purchase on Joom. Using the mobile application, any customer who has either an international bank card or a Qiwi or PayPal wallet can do this. To make a purchase, you need to install the mobile application, select the desired currency and be sure to log in. Only in this case will the seller get access to your data, funds for the goods will be transferred to him in time, and you will be able to track the package in China and after crossing its border.

Available payment methods in Joom online store?

After you have studied the assortment and selected the most interesting products for you, you need to click one of the buttons “Buy now” or “Add to cart”. In the first case, the payment is made immediately, in the second case – after you enter the cart, review the goods and decide to buy some of the selected products. If you still don’t know how to pay in Joom store, follow the steps listed below:

  • Go to “Cart” and select “Checkout”.
  • Enter your delivery data: address, name and surname, mobile phone number and email for feedback.
  • Select payment method. This may be a bank card or Qiwi wallet with the required amount of money in a particular currency.

Paying with a card is easier and more convenient for the owners of plastic or virtual MasterCard, Visa cards. If you choose this method, you have to check:

  • Card expiry date. If it expires this month, payment will not be accepted.
  • Correctness of all data: number, date (indicated on the reverse side), three-digit code (not to be confused with a PIN code that is never indicated).
  • Availability of the amount you need. The bank can charge a fee, so you need to replenish your account in advance.

To pay for the goods, you need to add your card: click the button “Add card”, enter the required data, and specify the currency. The currency is selected in the drop-down list and must correspond to the currency of your account.

How to make a payment on Joom using Qiwi wallet?

To use this method, you must have a wallet connected to your bank card, from which funds can be transferred to the wallet. After the address and other delivery data have been specified, go to adding your card:

  • Select Visa Qiwi tab.
  • Clicking on it will open the page with a list of available functions (replenish, withdraw, transfer funds, pay).
  • Enter the tab and copy the data of your virtual Visa card added to your wallet.
  • Return to “Add card” tab and enter them in one of the windows.
  • Click “Pay”.

Qiwi wallet transfers are made instantly. After that your product is moved from the cart to “My Orders” section, where you can track its status. Thus, you can use different payment options for ordering on Joom at your discretion and depending on the availability of the required amount of funds.

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