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How to set your watch from Joom?

Cheap and affordable Chinese products include interesting children’s, sports, digital and smart watches. If you have ordered this product and received your long-awaited package, but don’t know how to set a watch from Joom, read the advice of experts and experienced users. These will help you set your watch with your own hands, even without instructions in English.

Option #1: digital watches with buttons

Most models have 2 buttons on the outside of the case. They are responsible for setting and demonstrating functions. As a rule, these watches display the date and time (day, month). Some buyers receive watches with the correct time. If not, you need to know how to set a digital watch from Joom without instructions:

  • By pressing the bottom button you switch between modes. The digits indicating hours, minutes, day, and month will flash alternately.
  • Select the desired indicator and keep pressing the top button until the correct time is displayed. Are hours set? Continue with minutes, and so on.

After setting, press the bottom button again and hold it for 3 seconds. Now your digital watch displays your local time correctly.

Option #2: how to set a smart watch from Joom

Start setting your watch with putting a SIM card into a special slot under the cover or on the side until it clicks. The SIM card must be active and have a positive balance. Next, take the following steps:

  • Turn on your watch bought from Joom.
  • Check for network availability. Some models have the letter E or two arrows pointing up and down displayed.
  • Your watch is ready to work offline. You can set the time and date, view contacts, and listen to audio files.
  • To sync your watch with your smartphone, you will need to download the app to your mobile phone, connect it to your watch via Bluetooth and sync your watch with the data available on your phone.

These actions will allow you to receive and make calls using the watch, use the contacts of your smartphone or the installed SIM card, and take all the available opportunities.

How to set sports watches from Joom?

The online store of the best goods from China offers a wide range of sports watches that can be set without instructions and assistance. To do this, use these tips:

  • Sports bracelets have only one button for setting.
  • Press and hold the button to enter the setting mode.
  • Flashing indicators (for example, time) can be changed by a short pressing, then hold the button and continue with minutes, day, and month.
  • The stopwatch starts and stops in the same way.

Thus, you will know exactly how to set your sports watch from Joom. If the display is dim, the watch doesn’t work properly or doesn’t turn on, change batteries and your gadget will correctly display all the necessary data.

This information will help you set any Chinese watches without instructions and make new purchases on Joom, choosing the cheapest and most useful accessories.

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