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How to spend reward points on Joom?

Bonus points are a new type of reward for the users of the popular online store. In 2018, Joom promotional codes were introduced. Today many regular customers would like to change this type of bonuses for points. This desire is due to the fact that only those who first installed the application on their mobile phone can receive reward points. In this case, you get 20 points equal to the same amount in your currency. Another 50 points are given immediately after the first authorization, after which the gift bonuses can be spent or saved.

Attention! The number of points earned may differ depending on where you live. For each country, the amount of points is different and depends on the exchange rate.

Today the online store technical support often receives the question: is it possible to change the promotional code for points on Joom? The answer to it can be found on the official website and in social network communities:

  • Points are a gift to newly registered customers. You cannot exchange them, buy them for coupons or get them by inviting a friend to become a user of the mobile application.
  • It is not possible to change the valid promotional code for Joom points at the time of purchase. While paying for the goods, you can use one of the available options: get a discount on the product (for the amount specified in the coupon) or fully pay the entire cost in points.

If you have been buying the best low-cost Chinese products for a long time, you can find fresh promotional codes 2018 for each month in the corresponding resources on the web. Enter them in the required box when paying and get discounts even if you cannot exchange your Joom promotional code for points.

What goods can be purchased on Joom for free in exchange for points?

You can make yourself a gift by buying any goods, including promotional ones, if they have a special mark indicating the price in points. So that you do not have to go into your profile every time to check the number of accumulated bonuses, the amount of your savings is also indicated here. If it is equal to or greater than the price, you can buy the product completely for points without spending a single penny of your personal funds.

It may happen so that you like the product, but you haven’t enough points to buy it (each new user receives the same amount equal to $1). Is it possible to earn the missing amount or to change Joom promotional codes for points using one of the most convenient ways in 2018?

To get free bonuses, you just have to make purchases from each of which 1 percent of cashback will be saved. This amount is automatically converted into points that are added together and accumulated. You can use them within 6 months, but not later. The remaining balance or the entire amount expires after 180 days.

How to accumulate or earn points for already registered customers?

To date, you cannot get this bonus in the application where you have registered before the start of the promotion. You can solve this problem by installing the application for one of your family members, which can be beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, you will receive a promotional code for inviting a friend, and secondly – 70 points to a new user and the opportunity to buy the best products in exchange for bonuses.

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