How to track a package from Joom using its number?
How to track a package from Joom using its number?

Buying a variety of products in Joom online store is not only profitable, but also safe. The delivery is carried out within a specified period of time, which is controlled by the website administration. In addition, there are tips for those who want to know how to track a package from Joom using its number. This can be done in several ways: directly in the order tab and using online services that will help you locate your package using its individual code.

How to track your order in the Joom app?

New users of the online trading platform need to download the mobile application to their smartphone or tablet, then launch it and sign in. After that, you can make any number of purchases from one or different sellers provided with free delivery to the specified address. Having placed an order and paid for it, you can track where the product is at the moment. To do this, go to settings and turn notifications on. Thus, you won’t need to search for your order using its number. To find out the necessary information, follow these instructions:

  • Launch the application and log in.
  • Go to “My Orders” tab.
  • Before you start tracking your package from Joom using its number, make sure that the seller has already sent it.
  • Below you can view the history where the location of the package for today, as well as the date of shipment, is indicated.

If it is more convenient for you to use other resources or you cannot find any information about the order on the website, you will need to copy the individual number on the order page and use it in the search engine.

How to track a package from Joom using its number in China?

The seller can apply to several major Chinese transport companies to deliver the goods to the buyer as cheaply and quickly as possible. The lion’s share of orders is delivered by ePacket, on the official website of which you can get the necessary information in just a few steps:

  • Follow the link to SF-Express ePacket.
  • Enter the individual number on the main page.
  • Click “Find package”.
  • Get location information.

You can also use the Track24 or Postal.Ninja services, where you will have to perform similar actions. If your order is not listed in any system, there is a possibility that the seller used a “virtual” number to save money (for example, if he sells cheap goods and gives you a 10 percent discount). In this case, you need to search for your order after it crosses the border of your country.

How to track Chinese goods around the world?

The most popular website for tracking orders from the largest online stores is the service “GdePosylka”. Here you can enter a new number received from SF-Express ePacket. In case the product is not detected during the search, you should not miss its delivery deadline. If you don’t receive a notification from the post office within 75 days from the date of shipment, you’ll have to put a tick against “Did not receive” in order to get a credit card refund within 2 weeks.

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