How to track your package from Joom using a tracking number or by postal service?
How to track your package from Joom using a tracking number or by postal service?

Joom is one of the largest Chinese online stores, where you can find almost any product at a very low price. The purchase delivery through the territory of China is carried out by several transport companies, and after the product passes through customs control, it falls under the jurisdiction of your postal service and receives another tracking number. For this reason, it is not always possible to track the package. To obtain the necessary information about the purchased product, you can use several proven methods.

How to quickly track goods from Joom using a tracking number?

The first mistake that buyers sometimes make is using the number from the card instead of the tracking number, which can be known only after the purchase has been sent by the seller. To do this, you need to perform a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the application, and then to your personal account.
  2. Select “My Orders” tab.
  3. View information about the desired product.
  4. Copy the tracking number in the bottom window.

Then you need to choose one of the online services: Track24, Postal.Ninja or SF-Express ePacket. On the main page, enter the copied number into the required window and click “Track”. If none of the websites provides information about the package, this is not yet the reason to worry.

Before you start tracking goods from Joom, please note: sometimes Chinese sellers assign a “virtual” number to a product to reduce their shipping costs. In this case, you will receive a postal notification of the order receipt at the place of residence. In individual cases, goods may be delayed for unforeseen reasons. This allows the buyer to contact Joom technical support 75 days after the purchase payment for a full refund.

How to track an order from Joom by postal service: answers to frequently asked questions?

As mentioned above, the maximum delivery time for a package from Joom online store is 75 days. The mobile application settings allow you to both keep track of the product from Joom (receive notifications about its transit), and contact technical support if the package is lost. If you cannot get any information after the parcel has crossed the border, use the following recommendations:

  • Most orders are delivered by the largest Chinese shipping company ePacket. On the official website, you can get data on the package, which has already passed through customs, and enter a new tracking number into the search engine of the website “GdePosylka”.
  • If unsuccessful, use the services of Here you can submit multiple requests at the same time, which is very convenient since the same seller can use the services of different transport companies and send packages at different times.

If none of the services can provide you with the necessary information, do not miss the delivery deadline and put a tick against “Did not receive” in the order window. The website administration will give a refund to your card within 2 weeks.

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