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Joom online store – buying from China!

Today, it is difficult to meet someone completely unfamiliar with online shopping. More than 65 percent of the inhabitants of any country in the world regularly make purchases in Chinese online stores offering a huge assortment and very low prices. Joom takes the lead in the list – it is a trading platform where competitively priced goods from different sellers are presented. Joom is a Chinese shopping website that offers you the most favorable conditions: promotional products, grand sales and free package delivery.

What can you find and buy on the official Joom website? Any products ranging from clothing for the whole family to popular gadgets. The application constantly monitors user preferences and provides a selection of useful recommendations. This simplifies the search and reduces the time required for searching in different categories of Chinese products. In addition, buyers can use a convenient filter and sort the available offers by price, material, color, rating, or novelty.

How to place an order on Joom: buying from China with worldwide delivery?

It is very easy to become a user of the official app – you can download it for free to your smartphone or tablet. If you are used to shopping with your PC, you can register on the Joom website. To ensure maximum simplicity, the application developers offer you to do this using your social network account. To log in, just click on the icon and allow data processing.

Joom is a shopping website where goods are paid for with a card linked to a user’s page. You can also use a virtual bank card added to your Qiwi wallet or electronic currency to do this. The indication of your delivery address is a mandatory condition for registration: all packages are delivered worldwide and completely free of charge.

As soon as a new customer has registered, he can start reviewing the catalog – the 20 main categories allow you to choose the best products of excellent quality from China. To do this, you need:

  • View photos and specifications (all products on Joom have a description in many languages).
  • Check that the price is indicated in the correct currency. This parameter can be changed in one click in the upper right part of the window.
  • Use the function “Buy now” for promotional products, and send the product to the “Cart” in other cases.
  • Check the spelling of the delivery address before paying.
  • Select a linked card or other means of payment.
  • Click “Buy”.
  • Then find out how to get a package from Joom, and wait for your parcel to arrive.

If everything has been done correctly, the product from the cart will move to “My Orders” section. From here you can keep track of the location of the package, contact technical support, and remove the already received products from the list. If you often order from Joom, the shopping website makes its offers more personalized with each passing day. On the eve of holidays, such a selection will help you choose original goods for the whole family, as well as souvenirs and gifts at very attractive prices.

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