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Reasons why Joom may reject your payment?

Joom online store offers you to install their free application on a mobile phone or tablet and pay for goods from a bank card linked to your profile (or Qiwi wallet). The registration procedure is very simple. It is easy to place an order through the app, but sometimes unforeseen failures may occur in the process of payment. Useful expert advice will help you understand why Joom rejects payments and how to remedy the situation. Joom may reject your payment.

Reason # 1 – incorrect registration data

When adding a bank card, you need to provide the following information: its number and three-digit CVV code. This data is necessary to confirm the authenticity of the card. If an error was made at this stage, this may be the reason why Joom rejects your payment. You can check the correctness of your registration data in the settings of your account.

The second thing that needs to be clarified by the user is the validity period of the card. It is indicated on the front side as month/year. Please note that the money will not be withdrawn from your account if the card expires in the current month (even in the last days). In this case, you need to exchange it in the bank and add a new card.

Reason # 2 – why Joom rejects payments from a valid Visa/MasterCard credit card

If you have never made online purchases before, your access rights to such transactions may be restricted. They may be completely prohibited or limited to a certain small amount. It is easy to fix this problem: you can call the bank and entrust the introduction of changes to a specialist or do it yourself in your personal profile on the official website of the bank.

Be sure to check the availability of the required amount on your account. Some banks charge interest for cash transactions. There may also not be enough money on your card if you have activated the automatic repayment of debt for utility services, loan interest payment, etc. This will help you figure out why your payment on Joom is rejected. In this case, you can add money to your card online by transferring part of the funds from another account, pay from your Qiwi wallet or choose another bank card for payment and indicate this in your order.

Reason # 3 – restrictions imposed by the bank

The system documents information about suspicious or fraudulent activities for all cards of international standard. If for some reason you are among the owners of such plastic cards, you will receive a warning call within 2 hours. In this case, you cannot pay for your order from this card.

If such measures are taken by mistake and you do not get a call from the bank, you will need to contact them yourself. Specify your problem and wait until the restrictions are lifted. You may be asked to go to the bank branch to unlock your card, or you can do it yourself following the instructions given by phone.

We remind you that while making a purchase, you can choose a card or delivery address that would be different from those added to your profile. This will help you buy any product until the reasons why Joom rejects your payment are clarified.

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