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Good store, ordered several times,

Good store, ordered several times,

Good store, ordered several times, parcels came on time!

13th February 2019

Interesting shop

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Like the store, I will be shopping again!

13th February 2019

Order never arrive

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Order never arrive. Was all too wait 75 days. Must be on the round the world on a boat 😂
Will never buy for recommend this site

Trish F
21st January 2020

Scam site

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This is one of the worst sites ever! Their products are cheap or knockoffs, they take forever for delivery, and you better hope you don’t have a problem because they don’t do returns , & you can’t change your mind. If they say it was delivered through their tracking you can’t say that you never received it and need help because they don’t care. Once it says delivered it’s your problem. Customer support is awful . Google joom and see all reviews and sites to see how bad it really is. They are ranked as one of the worst scam sites. Since this is a joom related site I’ll be surprised if they put up my review.

21st January 2020


Reviews on Joom

My daughter use my card to make serval purchases through Joom. Joom is nice about updating you about your items, but to me it seems as if its taking longer than what it should be. It mention that items were delivered, but she hasn’t received them yet. Its 3days before Christmas and I feel now I may have to go out to at least get her some clothes because the website made it seem like items were here. Then it asked you the question, “Was items delivered?” after I push NO, it then states that she has 75 to 90days before a warranty is granted?! Yall didn’t keep that same energy when yall pulled my money out of the account. on top of that, 75 to 90days!!!!!!!! that’s almost 2 or 3 months away, who do yall think is going to remember to check about their refund in distant amount of time?! This is the reason why I used PayPal, because they don’t play about disputing towards the company if the customer is having issues getting their items. If she doesn’t received her things nor my money back. We’re defiantly going to have some problems!!!

21st January 2020

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For those who haven’t yet ordered from Joom, customer reviews will help to choose the best seller and solve shipping or payment issues. Unlike other Asian e-commerce platforms, all the information on Joom website is available in English. If we’re talking about buying certain items, you can easily make sure that the feedback are left by real people by reading their comments with attached photos of the purchased goods.

What buyers say about Joom: mobile app reviews

The Chinese website has user-friendly services. It is provided with 24-hour technical support and there is no need to open a dispute if your package is lost. Buyer-seller communication is also carried out through the support service. You won’t need to translate the letter into a foreign language, as confirmed by numerous Joom reviews. Making the cheapest purchases has become easier – you just need to install the application on your smartphone or tablet.

You will also find a lot of information on social networks where you can leave feedback or read customer reviews of Joom. Your data will help you quickly register and find people who have already made profitable purchases. What if you don’t have any social network account? In this case, you just have to create a new email account on Google. Thus, you will be able to register on Joom, start making purchases and leave feedback about the service.

One of the main questions that online shopping fans often discuss: what do people say about Joom shipping?

  • The average arrival time for a package throughout Europe is 3 – 4 weeks. Some packages arrive within 60 – 70 days. In this case, it is important to monitor the purchase status.
  • In most cases, goods can be tracked when moving throughout China. Very small parcels with a virtual tracking number may be an exception.
  • If your package is missing, you’ll get a credit card refund, but it is necessary to put a tick against “Item not received” within a specified period of time.

The quality of Chinese goods often raises doubts among potential buyers. Skeptics should know that Joom online store only works with trusted sellers who have a high rating. Before placing an order, regular customers recommend you to read real reviews that can provide the following information:

  • The quality of the product and its compliance with the description.
  • Estimated delivery time.
  • Real customer feedback.

Joom online store provides reviews of any products: products for children, souvenirs and gifts, clothing, equipment. Regular buyers often share their experience on how they have found solutions to issues concerning communicating with the seller, refunding to the card, returning low-quality items, and many other issues. Your reviews and feedback will also be useful to other users of the application, whose number has already exceeded 5 million people worldwide.