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Shoes from Joom – how to choose and order?

Joom online store offers its customers all kinds of products, including electronics, sporting goods and even furniture. However, the customers of this trading platform most often order cosmetics, clothes and shoes for adults and children. These categories of goods are of high quality, have a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes, and most importantly, are cheap.

Let’s see how to choose and buy shoes on Joom. This type of goods has its own characteristics that are important to consider when placing an order. So, the buyer needs to select the correct size, shoe width, heel height, fastener type, etc.

Women’s and men’s shoes from Joom

To buy a pair of shoes or boots, go to the relevant section of the website. It is called “Shoes”. You will see five subsections:

  • Women’s;
  • Men’s;
  • Children’s;
  • Shoe accessories;
  • Unisex models.

Go to the page that you need. Next, you will see several more subsections, for example, boots, sneakers, shoes, sandals, etc. When figuring out how to buy shoes on Joom, remember that each product is in the relevant part of the store – you just need to find it.

You can also use the search system by typing a keyword into a special line. The program will automatically prompt the possible options for the product description, and you will only need to choose the most suitable one. Many people ask where it is better to buy shoes on Joom or Wish, we talked about this in more detail in one of our articles.

Shoes from Joom: how to choose the correct size?

This is the most difficult stage of online shopping. Chinese sellers indicate several size charts at once:

  • American;
  • European;
  • British.

In our country we use European sizes. However, don’t be so quick to choose the usual 38th size and place an order. The fact is that men’s and women’s shoes from Joom are often undersized. Therefore, experienced buyers suggest the following:

  1. Find your foot length using a clean sheet of paper, a ruler and a pencil. Just put your foot on the paper, delineate it and measure the distance from the heel to the tip of your toe.
  2. Find the size chart in the description of a particular shoe model on the official Joom website. Choose the size according to your foot length. Thus, size 42 corresponds to 25.5-26 cm, and size 35 will fit a miniature foot of up to 22.5 cm long.
  3. If you still doubt, read reviews from other buyers. They often tell in detail what size of shoes or boots they wear in everyday life, what size they have ordered from Joom, and whether it fits well.

Do not forget to thoroughly view the photos and read the description of the product. Find information about the heel height, material, fastener type, and the season for which the particular model is designed. It is important not to make haste when buying shoes on Joom and carefully read all the information provided by the seller. Thus, you can find exactly the pair that is perfect for your purposes.

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