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What are joint purchases on Joom?

Joom mobile app provides new opportunities for purchasing any goods at the lowest prices. Delivery in all countries of the world is carried out free of charge, and many buyers can order the same product at the same time. In this case, its price is reduced, which suggests an idea of joint purchases on Joom.

In fact, such purchases have no place in this online store. The discounted offers that you can see when viewing products are connected with a unique information processing system. With each visit, the program counts the number of views, takes into account the categories you are interested in and your preferences. This allows you to sort the goods by rating and get only the most attractive offers.

Joint purchases on Joom with one organizer don’t make sense, since the goods are purchased by sellers directly from the manufacturer and sold worldwide, and the “customer base” can include up to a million people. At the same time, there is a rather tough competition between sellers, which is one of the reasons for sales with 50-90 percent discounts. If you have installed the application on your mobile phone, you can activate notifications that will inform you about the most attractive deals of the hour or the day.

What are joint purchases and why are Joom buyers interested in them?

In the usual sense of this term, the purchase is carried out in bulk at a special price, for example, when buying clothes of all sizes. The goods are delivered to one buyer (organizer), who later sends them to other purchase participants. This allows you to save money, as well as purchase products that aren’t available at retail.

If you are interested in joint purchases on Joom, you need to know that this is a completely different thing. For example, you have an opportunity to buy a lot of various goods from the same seller. All of them will be packaged together because they are sent to the same address. In this case, a tracking number is assigned to one package. This system is not mandatory. The seller will decide how to send an order and which transport company to use. Joint purchases on Joom are available in all cities of Europe and even on Joom in Germany!

Useful tips from Joom to those who are used to making joint purchases

The question of what a joint purchase on Joom is may be related to notifications received when choosing a particular product. In this case, you will get a message that a certain number of people are interested in it. Such a hint indicates the high rating and popularity of this product and may be considered as a useful recommendation. The more buyers add the item to their “favorites”, the lower its price is.

Most people who buy online have repeatedly received such kind of notifications when studying the catalog. These may be kind of “Frequently bought together” messages, the purpose of which is to simplify and speed up the selection of the best items on Joom.

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