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What is Joom?

Nowadays, foreign websites, especially Chinese ones, have become very popular. Here you can order everything: from clothes and cosmetics up to stationery, interior accessories and household goods. The attention of consumers is mainly attracted by critically low prices compared to other stores. So what is Joom?

Joom is an extensive platform where any seller can place his products. It is an online store of mass consumer goods from China at unbelievably low prices. This platform offers huge discounts that apply to all groups of goods and can even reach 80-90%. The significant advantage of this store is free shipping, thanks to which you can receive your order anywhere in the world.

What is Joom?

This version of the Chinese website is more convenient for the Russian user and buyer since it is in Russian. The translation of descriptions and names of goods is often automated, but despite this fact, you can easily grasp the essence. The website developers are working to improve the translation, constantly updating information, which undoubtedly makes the website more and more convenient for Russian-speaking users with each passing day.

Joom catalogs are filled with a wide variety of goods and separated into searchable categories: clothing, cosmetics, household goods, electrical goods, pet products, etc. If you’re looking for something in particular, you can find the necessary product very quickly. And if you’re just browsing, something will surely catch your eye since the range of goods available in the online store is more than extensive.

Advantages of Joom online store

  • User-friendly interface;
  • technical support and terms of use provide full information on how to properly use the services of the website and how to make a purchase;
  • fast feedback.

If you have a non-standard question, wish or request, you can use the “Support” tab, which contains the main questions asked by buyers. If your question is not listed, you can use the contact form and write a letter to the website technical support.

Now you know what Joom online store is. It is a convenient platform with a huge amount of useful and cheap consumer goods. The goods are manufactured in China and delivered for free to any corner of the world. Attractive low prices and quite high discounts make the shopping process on the website even more enjoyable and fruitful.

If you have any problems with downloading and installing the Joom mobile application on your mobile phone, you should definitely read our article on how to download the Joom application to your phone.

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