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What to do if your package hasn’t arrived from Joom?

The most popular products collected in the catalog of Joom mobile application can be purchased at a very low price and with free shipping to any country of the world. At the same time, the online store provides guarantees to every customer: exchange of goods that do not correspond with the description, refund for low-quality products, and the solution of the issue of packages lost during transit. If you have installed the application on your mobile phone, be sure to read customer advice in the FAQ section. Here you can find out what to do if you’ve paid for an order on Joom, the product hasn’t arrived, and the money has already been transferred from the card. Read below how to act properly and avoid common mistakes – we provide advice of regular customers and experts.

How to find out why the order hasn’t arrived from Joom?

When ordering, the buyer can view the following characteristics:

  • Photos. The same product may be offered by different sellers who make bulk purchases from Chinese manufacturers. Their prices may differ, which should be borne in mind.
  • Cost. Discounts and the ability to use coupons for payment are available for some products.
  • Estimated delivery time. This item is especially important for those who have already encountered such a situation: the specified number of days have passed, but the product hasn’t arrived from Joom.

When contacting Joom operators, many new buyers immediately ask the question: why the package hasn’t come, how to contact the seller, how to get a refund? In this case, the users of the application don’t have to worry. If the package doesn’t arrive within the specified period of time (it is a maximum of 75 days), you’ll get an automatic full refund to your card.

What to do if too much time has passed but the package hasn’t still arrived from Joom?

In order not to be among those buyers who have lost their money paid for an order, you should follow a few simple rules:

  1. Always keep track of the delivery time. It is indicated in the order section of your personal profile. Regularly review the application, so as not to miss the delivery deadline. If the package still hasn’t arrived by this time, put a tick against “Did not receive”. Many new buyers ignore this item without taking into account the fact that 80 days later the order status will automatically change to “delivered”.
  2. Use the order tracking feature. Copy the track number in the order card and check the location of your parcel using Track24 or SF-Express ePacket online services. If the package has already reached the border of your country, you can apply to the website of your postal company and clarify the status of the package to date.
  3. If the product hasn’t arrived from Joom, please contact technical support. Briefly describe the situation and provide your email for feedback. You don’t have to wait for a call from the operator. All questions on the website are resolved online.
  4. Request a refund after 90 days from the date of order. In this case, Joom specialists will send a request to your post office, and if your package hasn’t been received, you will be refunded.

If you follow these tips, you will receive a full financial compensation for the goods that you have not received within 14 days in the absolute majority of cases. Exceptions are situations related to the bank (blocked card or technical problems).

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