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What to order from Joom?

Today Joom is one of the most popular online stores, which offers Chinese goods with free shipping to several countries around the world. The largest e-commerce platform is familiar to many Europeans due to its main principle: “Buy and save money”. Really cheap products, which cannot leave you indifferent, are being sold here. So, the number of registered users has already exceeded 5 million people. If you haven’t yet joined them and don’t know what to order from Joom, study the most current offers and learn more about the application for online shopping.

Joom catalog: products you can choose and order with free shipping

To get an idea of the great opportunities for each customer, you should start with installing the mobile application, which is designed for any modern smartphone, iPhone or tablet. Immediately after loading, the program will offer you to select men’s or women’s products in order to speed up and simplify searching for goods, including:

  • Women’s and men’s clothing and accessories.
  • Wedding and celebration supplies, jewelry.
  • Electronics, watches, cameras, optics.
  • Beauty and health products.
  • Children’s clothing.
  • Household goods: dishes, cleaning and household appliances, kitchen utensils.
  • Adult goods with photos and descriptions in 15 languages.
  • Sports equipment, all for hobbies and entertainment.
  • Pet supplies.
  • Bags, suitcases and accessories.
  • Cheap office supplies.
  • Tea.

You can enter the category and study all its sections in more detail, install a filter if you wish, and buy products at a discount of up to 80-90 percent.

What you can order from Joom to get discounts

The Chinese online store gives a 10 percent discount on any product to each newly registered customer. You can add the item to your favorites or buy it immediately by paying with a card or Qiwi wallet. Studying the catalog will give you additional opportunities to save on purchases:

  • Select a product with a changed price. There is a rating of its quality next to the new price. Some sellers indicate a cost reduction of almost 100 percent, so feel free to ask for feedback on such products.
  • Buy products marked as “Deal of the hour”. Here you will see the price and find out how many minutes are left until the end of the offer.
  • Turn on notifications and use the best deals of the day with at least 10 percent discount. Stay up to date with new products, go to Joom and buy at the best price.

Looking through the range of products, you can specify the desired parameters during the search, for example, color, size, quantity. Given the user’s preferences, the application selects a list of similar products in each category, which simplifies searching for interesting offers. If you doubt the quality, pay your attention to the reviews of other buyers on the products you are interested in.

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