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Wish or Joom – which is better?

Wish is an online store of low-cost Chinese goods that has relatively recently appeared on the global network. For now, buyers are carefully studying the new e-commerce platform, trying to compare it with the long-established websites. So, many people are concerned about the question whether Wish or Joom is better.

We’ve also decided to deal with this dilemma and compare these two stores from different perspectives. Let’s find out which of these two sites offers the most favorable and convenient terms of cooperation. It should be noted that the Wish platform is intended primarily for buyers from Europe and North America. Joom in turn works with all countries of the world without distinguishing “target sectors”.

Joom and Wish: what’s the difference?

First, let’s see what’s common between these two websites:

  • Both websites offer a huge amount of products from Chinese manufacturers.
  • Both stores guarantee low prices for all types of products, including electronics and household appliances.
  • Delivery of goods is either free or cheap.
  • Both stores provide a buyer protection system.

However, in order to understand whether Wish or Joom is better, it is necessary to note the main differences between these two sites:

  • Joom offers a much wider variety of products. This can be explained by the lifetime of the stores – Wish has only recently been introduced, while its competitor has been working since 2016.
  • The new e-commerce platform is focused primarily on the countries of Europe and North America, so its range of goods is somewhat different from what Joom offers to its customers. The selection of products and brands here is very specific and sometimes incomprehensible for buyers, for example, from Europe.
  • When figuring out whether Wish or Joom is better, pay your attention to the fact that the second store always displays the exact cost of the item or a clear price range. On the new website, the cost of the product can increase sharply as soon as you select the desired color or size. This fact often misleads buyers and causes them to cancel an almost completed order.
  • Joom allows you to view the catalog of goods without registering on the website. There is no such possibility on Wish: first you need to log in, and only after that the platform will show you its contents.
  • It is worth saying that the catalog of men’s and women’s clothing on Joom is much more than on Wish.

Where is it better to make purchases – on Joom or on Wish?

There is no consensus on this issue. Many of our compatriots have already managed to discover the new trading platform and appreciate its product range and service. On the other hand, a number of Europeans make online purchases exclusively on the official Joom website and aren’t going to change the selected store.

Experienced buyers suggest you hold off on ordering from the new website or buy only cheap products. The fact is that the recently opened company may have an insufficiently well-organized package delivery system and an ineffective technical support service. Give Wish a little time – and it will surely please you with a much wider range of goods and better service.

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